Trouble Passing Emmissions?

The Illinois EPA issues a Repair Shop Report Card on an automotive repair center’s ability to diagnose and repair cars that have failed the emissions test. They are assigned a letter grade based upon their success rate. In order to qualify a shop must have performed at least 5 or more emission repairs during the last six months. Visit the EPA website to check our current standings.

State Emissions Pre Testing

Hi-Tech Automotive  offers pre emissions testing. We can examine your vehicle and assess whether or not you will meet Illinois Emissions Testing standard. There are a number of reasons why a vehicle may fail an emissions test and most of them are related to preventative maintenance repairs.


Common reasons a car may fail an Illinois Emission Test

  • Defective Oxygen Sensors
  • Leaking Fuel Injectors
  • Vacuum Leaks
  • Clogged Air Filters
  • Defective Mass Air Flow Sensors
  • Defective Fuel Evaporation Systems (EVAP)
  • Thermostat Stuck Open
  • Oil contaminated with fuel
  • Old Spark Plugs & Wires
  • Worn Distributor Cap
  • EGR System Problems

Our Emissions Repair Facility

If you failed an Illinois Emissions test, or you think you might fail then stop at Hi-Tech Automotive  for a diagnostics. Our skilled technicians can quickly identify what the most probable cause of the failure is and fix it. Don’t waste time or money when it comes to emission repairs; get it done right the first time. Visit our repair facility today.