Engine Warning Signs

In addition to seeing your “Check Engine” light come on, you may have an engine performance issue if you experience any of the following: you lose power, your gas mileage drops, your engine “knocks” when it accelerates, your engine stalls, your engine starts hard (even when the battery easily turns the engine over), your engine continues to run after you turn the ignition off, your engine runs rough at any or all speeds, your engine backfires, spits or pops, or there is a noxious (harmful) exhaust odor. Bring your vehicle to Hi-Tech Automotive in Wheeling right away if you experience any of these warnings.


“Check Engine» light

When your “Check Engine Light” comes on, it alerts  our professional technicians that a sensor is providing data that is out of range or not providing data at all, and the related system needs review to determine why the system component is not functioning properly. Hi-Tech  technicians review the entire diagnostic data-stream to determine the real cause of the warning, rather than just replace the random part or sensor that alerted you of the problem. This ensures that you don’t waste money by replacing parts that are just the messenger and not the problem.